Friday, May 25, 2007

why her dad calls her Destructo

We just got home yesterday from a 2-week trip down south to visit with both sides of the family. Lots of time was spent barefoot in the grass, and zero time was spent on the computer. It was wonderful, and Isabel had a blast. (Her name sounds adorable south of Virginia, and gains a fourth lilting syllable: Isabayel.)

I have one question. How can someone this sleepy on the trip home from the airport...

...proceed to do this to her room within ten minutes of entering it?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NPR, please stay strong

Dear producers of the Diane Rehm Show,

I am writing from New York City in support of Monica Holloway, author of DRIVING WITH DEAD PEOPLE.

I was deeply disappointed to learn that you pulled her interview from your show at the request of some of the perpetrators of her abuse. This is exactly the sort of behavior that encourages other survivors of abuse to keep silent, whereas I thought NPR tried to inspire individuals to speak up, to speak the truth, and not to shy away from the tough topics.

This is a tough topic that needs addressing. Monica Holloway is no James Frey. She has 100% support from her other sister, who has also spent years trying to recover from their painful childhoods, if that's the sort of empirical evidence you need. But I would hope that you would trust the clarity of her voice and the honest, human struggle she illuminates so powerfully in her book and her life (as opposed to the apparent ego and posturing of James Frey and his work).

I recently left book publishing after 12 years in editorial and marketing. The media, and NPR in particular, didn't used to shy away from the hard questions and the challenging voices. NPR was always the ideal forum to unite authors tackling tough issues with the readers ready to address them.

Please show your support not only of the book you clearly loved from the start, and the author who touches the heart (and funny bone) of every person she meets, but even more importantly, of the truth, particularly the hard truths, the ones that are so difficult and yet so vital to bring to light.

DRIVING WITH DEAD PEOPLE is an important, moving, deeply honest, and--what's more--ridiculously entertaining, page-turning book. But you already know that. Please continue to be fearless and inspirational in your programming. For countless reasons, the world needs NPR to stand strong now more than ever.

If you'd like to join me and write to the Diane Rehm show, click here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Check out what's blooming in NYC

Jennifer Lauck--the woman, mother, writer, seeker, teacher, healer, goddess--is giving three workshops on the East Coast this spring that are not to be missed. I found the money, the childcare, and the time to sign up for the NYC 4-day intensive, because there was just no way I would miss it. In addition to my many years of experience knowing, loving, and working with Jennifer, I have now had the privilege of attending my first of her workshops this past February, and it changed my life. Profoundly. This blog is only one piece of what that experience meant to me.

Because everyone is healing from something, everyone is searching for something, and everyone has an incredible story to tell. Jennifer's workshops are attended by those who are healing from life-shattering trauma, and those who are just searching for something...more. More inspiration, more connection, more spirit. They are attended by bestselling authors, and by those who are feeling drawn to start writing, but don't even know where to begin.

You cannot imagine the power of this woman. The inspiration, the connection, the spirit in those rooms. I had known and loved her for eight years, I had worked with her and witnessed first-hand the profound impact she and her books had on the world. And yet I was utterly blown away.

There are still spots available. If you feel a stirring of interest as you read this, then I highly recommend that you find the money, the childcare, the time. Details are here.

And get ready to change your life!