Sunday, October 14, 2007

MEME me up, Scotty

I've been tagged for a MEME about my "writing." I don't really know what a MEME is and I am still only able to refer to my "writing" with quotation marks, but who am I to question the infinite wisdom of Carrie Link? (Plus, it's a nice kick in the pants to re-enter the blog world now that I FINALLY have phone and internet service. Devil, I have met thee, and thy name is Verizon.)

Five tidbits about my "writing:"

1. In the past few months, 85% of my blog posts have been formulated and written in my head only. They have been far more scintillating and witty than the ones I actually post, so I hope you have been able to check some of them out telepathically.

2. I feel guilty about how much I love receiving comments, since I have been so spotty in my commenting on the blogs of others. (I hope you know who you are, and that I love you--and often read you--even when you don't see me.)

3. Like I do with many (most) things in my life, I tend to make my writing/blogging experience more complicated than it needs to be due to my own over-analysis. TT calls this analysis paralysis, which generally annoys me and which I contribute entirely to his male, testosterone-plagued existence, but he does have a point. Occasionally.

4. I spent most of my education and all of my first career reading and analyzing the writing of others, so I do get a kick writing about anything I, stuff other than other peoples' writing.

5. I took a creative writing course my first semester in college, with an incredible teacher who was also a respected editor of The Kenyon Review. I will never forget this definition he taught us: "The only thing that makes a writer a writer is the profound, unshakable desire to do it." So, I'm definitely not ready to call myself a writer. Yet.

I tag Holly because she is awesome and I totally do not get how she does it and need to learn. I would also tag Suzy, because her writing and her journey are as beautiful and powerful as she is, but I am too late because she has already been tagged.

In other news, we have moved and I am deeply in love with all of it: the cottage, the neighbors, the village, the people, the river, the trees, the leaves, the smells, the air, the crickets, and even the spiders (except for those really huge ones). We've only been here for three weeks and are a long way from being settled, and yet I haven't felt this deeply at home in years. Belly is happy and delicious and now wears apricot pigtails.



holly said...

Beautiful, beautiful Belly! Are those photo's near your new place? Love it!

If you need me I'll be busy trying to figure out WTF a MEME is!

And, love #1 - that's where 95 percent of my blog posts live, too.

Jess said...

She looks beautiful and happy!! I'm so excited for you about your new house.

Thanks for sending the MEME in this direction. But really, does anyone know what that word means??

Suzy said...

The Divine Miss I is beautiful!!!!

So happy for you and Tommy and Isabel.

And thank you for your beautiful words about me and I toss them right back to you.

Love you


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Well, fortunately for everyone, the infinite wisdom of Carrie Link has provided the answer to the WTF a meme is, question. You'll need to click over to see, though, I adore each and every "hit"!

DYING over the apricot pigtails. DYING a happy, blissful death! Did I say DYING? DYING, I've never seen anything cuter in my life!

AND, not enough has been made of your new profile and perfect quote!

AND, I've picked up one or two of those telepathic blog posts, and you're right, they're amazing!

Glad to have you back, Kimmy Pie~!

jennifer said...

"The only thing that makes a writer a writer is the profound, unshakable desire to do it."

GOD THIS IS SO TRUE...burning desire to put words on the page, that is how it feels, more powerful than any man or chocolate or even love. Yes, I could live with a fraction less breath but to not write would be death.

Love how you are back and so great even when you think you are not!

Terry Whitaker said...

Love number 5. Great teachers stay with us.

Terry Whitaker said...

Also, Love the Title.

Jerri said...

Oh meme, Oh my. So glad to see you here again.

And how perfectly delicious is Miss I? Completely, totally delicious.

Deb said...

What a treat to find new Kim words here finally! Love the pictures, too.

riversgrace said...

SO nice to hear your voice, know you are 'home', see your angel, feel your vibe, and get your drift.

I have a feeling the writing will unfold now that you are held in the palm of these things you love...

kario said...

Sooo glad you're back. So sorry you went through Verizon hell!

And tell TT that unless he has something nice to say, he should just go watch Belly so you can write ;-). By the way, 'analysis paralysis' is sooo passe, he needs to understand that something else that makes a writer a writer is the fact that they fear writing.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Wow Kim! So happy that you are happy where you are. Congrats on your new home.

Belly is so fricking cute. Apricot pigtails. Too much!

LOVE the quote in # 5. Awesome. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your sweet comment today.


jennifer said...


Marilyn said...

So, I have no idea how I got to this page, or what the hell it is...but I like it. I was searching for a picture for my web site (which hardly anyone visits, so I totally ignore any copyright issues). I was about to steal an image off this page when I read your post. It was lovely.

My most inspiring teacher in college said the same thing about writing, and I am certainly one of those "compulsive disclosers" who is just dying to get something externalized onto paper, though most of my writing is penned in my own head as well. (not all, but most)

I'm only 23, just out of college, living in New York, and trying desperately not to sell my dreams down the river. If you have any tips on how to be a writer, even if only part-time, and in your own head (thought outside of it would be ideal), please let me know.

Since I don't know anyone here, I thought what the hell, here is a link to my
Just don't blow it up too big, you know, I don't want any copyright issues...

Michelle O'Neil said...

Please don't say Meme me up scotty. Please don't say meme me up scotty, please don't say meme me up scotty.


IT still says meme me up scotty!

Nancy said...

Hi Kim,

I came over from Michelle's blog and have read MEMEs before but yours is so beautifully honest! Can relate with almost every one on the list (except the burning desire to write. It actually wakes me up!)

Anonymous said...

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